Rogue’s Old Fashioned - Six Barrel Soda Co.

Rogue’s Old Fashioned

Ingredients: 40ml Bourbon 20ml Orange & Dandelion syrup Orange twist garnish Method: Build in a short glass over ice. Garnish with orange twist.

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Rosemary & Cucumber G&T - Six Barrel Soda Co.

Rosemary & Cucumber G&T

Ingredients: 30ml Rosemary & Cucumber Tonic Syrup 40ml Gin Soda water to top up Rosemary & cucumber for garnish Method: Build over ice, top with soda water, stir and garnish with fresh rosemary and cucumber.

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Gin Gin Mule - Six Barrel Soda Co.

Gin Gin Mule

Ingredients: 30ml Gin 15ml Lime Syrup 15mL Ginger Ale Syrup Soda water to top Ice Fresh mint and lime garnish Method: Build in a tall glass, over ice. Garnish with mint and lime. Enjoy! Our version of the Audrey Saunders modern classic. 

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Raspberry & Lemon Clementine - Six Barrel Soda Co.


Ingredients: 80ml Aperol 60ml Raspberry and Lemon Syrup 50ml lime juice 4 ice cubes 1 egg white Soda water to top up Method: In a cocktail shaker, build Aperol, Raspberry and Lemon Syrup, Lime juice, ice cubes and egg white. Shake well. Strain into 2 coupe or martini glasses, and top with soda water. Garnish with a sprig of thyme and/or burnt orange twists.

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