soda gang


Pals since the 90s, Joe & Mike have shared years of questionable fashion choices and ridiculous business plans. After some dodgy batches and accidental fermentation we perfected our syrups for cocktails and sodas in our Wellington dive bar Monterey. Since 2012 we have been shaking up the soda game with experimental batches and flavours that pop. We are a small team of soda lovers who make wonderful drinks worth savouring.

Our drinks are made with real ingredients, like NZ citrus, organic ginger, central Otago cherries and fair trade organic cane sugar. Our drinks are free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours and contain around 30% less sugar than most sodas.

We are Living Wage Accredited, Independently NZ owned and Winners of the NZ 2021 Artisan Awards for non-alc drinks.

The rest of the World is catching on too, with our syrups and sodas now being enjoyed in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, and more coming soon.  

Award winning NZ made, living wage soda syrups




Our soda syrup range is designed to be mixed with soda or sparkling water, to make fancy sodas, cocktails and mocktails. You can use water from your Aarke Carbonator, Sodastream or any sparkling water maker, or your favourite sparkling water.

Mix 1 part syrup to 5 parts soda or sparkling water. Each bottle will make you around 15 drinks, but you can measure to taste if you like a little more or less flavour. Don’t be afraid to get creative with garnish and toppings, or add a scoop of ice-cream for the best soda float ever.

Our creative soda syrups are perfect for restaurant, café or bar use and will help your soft drinks and cocktail lists stand out. Find out more about wholesale supply here.

To get your hands on some syrup for yourself, we deliver our full range nationwide via our webstore – or check out our stockists page for where to get them in your ‘hood.  



Our bottled soda range is perfect for hospitality venues looking for really good drinks and for stocking up the office or home fridge with quality sodas. 

The bottled soda range includes: Cola Six, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Feijoa, Strawberry Ginger and Raspberry & Lemon.

These drinks are made from all the good stuff – exactly the same as our syrup range – but we’ve done the carbonating for you, so they’re fizzed-up and ready to drink straight away. Nice!

Check our webstore to get some pre-fizzed soda goodness delivered to your home or workplace.

If you’re a cafe or bar wanting to make your drinks list pop, find out more about wholesale supply here. We’d love to have you in our Six Barrel Squad!