New Seltz Drops Flavours + All Golds at NZ Artisan Awards

New Seltz Drops Flavours + All Golds at NZ Artisan Awards

We're excited to introduce two new flavours of our sugar-free Seltz Drops - Raspberry & Blackcurrant and Yuzu & Mandarin.  

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the original four flavours of Seltz Drops have all just been awarded Gold at the 2023 NZ Artisan Awards!

Seltz Drops are a low-waste, sugar-free way to make delicious, naturally flavoured sparkling water. Forget about stacks and stacks of cans, just add a flavour drop or two to a glass of cold still or sparkling water from your Sparkler or other home soda maker. 

Seltz Drops are a great no-sugar beverage option for diabetics, people on a keto diet, or those trying to reduce their sugar intake. Each bottle of water drops makes 50 drinks - that's 50 cans of aluminium saved from the recycling bin.

We’re thrilled to have won four golds at the Artisan Awards. We think Seltz Drops are one of the most delicious and exciting sugar-free drink options out there, and it’s nice to have that confirmed by a panel of experts! Our two new flavours have been in development for many months, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Seltz Drops are available to purchase from select stockists across New Zealand and Australia, or you can buy online.

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