Winter Wellness Pack

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We’ve bundled together two bottles of our most popular winter flavour – Lemon Honey Ginger – with our favourite local honey to create this cute wee Winter Wellness Pack.

Each pack includes:

  • 2x Lemon Honey Ginger syrups (each makes 15 drinks) (500mL)
  • Jar of Earthend Eastbourne Bush Honey (160g)
  • A mini honey dipper, to keep things cute

Our Lemon Honey Ginger makes a soothing hot drink to ward off winter chills and a crisp, dry soda with a ginger kick for days when you need a little afternoon pick me up.

Earthend make amazing bush honey right here in Wellington. Add a dollop to your Lemon Honey Ginger drink for that extra wellness kick or spread it on your toast.

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