Cafes and Bars – Six Barrel Squad

You can find our drinks in hundreds of the best bars and cafes across New Zealand and Australia. This gang is ever-growing and too long to list, so rather each month we celebrate one of our top-notch ‘Six Barrel Squad’ members right here.

These are a few of the best places to go across the country to try Six Barrel Soda Co. drinks in action – so make sure you pay them a visit (and give them a high-five from us while you’re there).

Got an idea for our next Six Barrel Squad star, or maybe you’re doing something cool with your own Six Barrel drinks? Get in touch and let’s talk soda.

Iko Iko – Cuba Street, Wgtn / High Street, Akl

Iko IkoThis month we’re getting into the gifting spirit with Christmas racing around, so thought it was high time to celebrate our old pals Iko Iko.

These guys are an OG Six Barrel stockist, with their colourful flagship store just up the road from us on Cuba St in Wellington. They also have a beautiful store space up in Auckland (26 High Street), and a wicked online store (www.ikoiko.co.nz). It’s gift buying heaven!

The lovely Kimi from Iko Iko tells us, “We love stocking Six Barrel because not only is it locally made, but the flavours are pure delish! So innovative and forever changing with the limited editions – Keeps us and our customers always guessing!”.

Their online store even has a whole shopping category dedicated to llama and alpaca themed items – what’s not to love?!
And always remember, as Kimi says, “The syrups also make for a great excuse to have more cocktails…”.
Happy shopping, soda lovers!

Ode Concious Dining – 33 Ardmore St, Wanaka 

Ode WanakaOde Conscious Dining is a progressive organic restaurant serving dinner breakfast down in Wanaka. Named in Cuisine’s TOP 100 Restaurants & ‘One to watch’ in 2018, Ode is Wanaka’s home of innovative and progressive food, stemming from the team’s desire to care and respect for the environment and community, and consciousness of the impact our choices have on them. For Ode, “good food” means sourcing organic, ethical, sustainable and seasonal ingredients, and supporting locals who are doing good things.

The call to include Six Barrel on the drinks menu was driven by the importance the team place on supporting small local businesses with like-minded beliefs: “How people source their products is very important to us. You guys are using organic sugar and try to use as much organic or fair trade as possible which is very important to us.”

Ode’s Bar Manager Isabella tells us: “I love using your syrups because they are so diverse. From non-alcoholic, to spiders, to alcoholic drinks – we can do anything with them. Especially with us doing non-alcoholic matches it allows us to be creative with many different depths of flavours to help to make our matching that much more unique and exciting.”

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Wanaka anytime soon (or Queenstown for that matter – this one would definitely be worth the drive over the Crown Range) make sure you put Ode on your list.

Ode Conscious Dining@odewanaka

Beautiful photos thanks to Isabella Rubie Photography.

Six Barrel Squad – Wellington On a Plate edition

August is here so it’s time to celebrate all things Wellington On a Plate! Alongside our own ‘Nostalgia, Refreshed‘ party, we’re also getting pretty excited for Cocktail Wellington over here. All through August you can try our syrups in over 18 different cocktails and mocktails all over town (check out the full list below!).

As a loyal Wellington business, we love being part of Wellington On a Plate, and it’s super to feel the love back from bars and restaurants around town – as Marisa from Black Sparrow says, “Essentially, we love Six Barrel because it is local, well crafted and delicious. We like the unusual flavour combinations and the lack of too obvious sweetness or artificial colours. We think Six Barrel embraces all things Wellington – small but made with care.”.

We’re also excited to be featured in a Dine dish this year too. Hippopotamus are using our Strawberry & Cream soda syrup in their 5 course degustation menu “Lumières éteintes – Lights off”, where you can enjoy Six Barrel Soda’s strawberry and cream syrup with Ōtaki honey and hibiscus (texture).

Bring on the cocktails!

Cocktail Wellington | @WellyOnAPlate

Chow – 45 Tory Street, Wellington

Chow Cocktail WellyNext month (August) marks Visa Wellington On a Plate, and of course one of our favourite parts of the festival has to be Cocktail Wellington – a month long celebration (and competition!) of Wellington’s top cocktail offerings. So for this month’s #sixbarrelsquad, we’re getting excited about top cocktail spot Chow Wellington.

Chow’s 2019 Cocktail Wellington entry definitely caught our eye – the ‘Crazy Rich Asian’: Inspired by the classic Singapore Sling. Six Barrel Cherry and Pomegranate soda syrup-infused botanical Vodka, Libertine Kapow Tea liqueur, fresh lime and pineapple juice, accompanied by a popcorn, noodle, chilli and Fix & Fogg brittle. (And if you’re not drinking, there’s always the ‘Slightly Less Crazy Rich Asian’).

Chow’s cocktail head honcho Peter tells us: “We love using Six Barrel because they taste great. You can taste the raw ingredients. The fact that they are consistent, local, seasonal and versatile is a great bonus. Our customers also know and trust the brand which allows us to produce imaginative flavour pairings.“.

During regular programming, Chow’s menu features a monthly cocktail special – often made using on of our syrups, usually a Limited Edition option (like Feijoa). As Peter says, “The seasonal flavours and limited releases are always unique and exciting which is really fun for us as we are constantly creating new drinks, like our “winter spice” to sit alongside some established favourites like the Dr Hu.“.

Make sure you head down to Chow during August to try the Crazy Rich Asian (and check out their many other Welly On a Plate offerings here). Enjoy!

www.chow.co.nz | @chowwellington


  • Artisan Dining House – The R&R G&T: Reid + Reid’s Native gin with Six Barrel Soda rosemary and cucumber tonic, accompanied by salmon tartare with grapefruit caviar, lemon crème fraîche and fennel thyme tuile.
  • Chow – Crazy Rich Asian: Inspired by the classic Singapore Sling. Six Barrel cherry and pomegranate soda syrup-infused botanical Vodka, Libertine Kapow Tea liqueur, fresh lime and pineapple juice, accompanied by a popcorn, noodle, chilli and Fix & Fogg brittle.
  • Ivy Bar – Sense of Pride: The Bond Store kawakawa Gin, Six Barrel Soda strawberries ‘n’ cream syrup, Shoots NZ shiso syrup, vinegar infused with vanilla, strawberry and lemon, garnished with rainbow belt candy (a.k.a. ‘gay bacon’) and a strawberry and lemon sherbet rim. Accompanied by Drunken Nanny’s sheep cheese, sherbet with Granny Smith apple, strawberry dust, crackers and a zesty chutney.
  • Black Sparrow – Sound & Vision: A cocktail sorbet made of Lillet Blanc, peach liqueur, apple, citrus and housemade Six Barrel Soda drizzle, accompanied by herb-spiced popcorn.
  • Crab Shack – One Night In Bangkok: Lighthouse Gin, Six Barrel Soda kaffir lime, pineapple and lemongrass syrup, lime and lemongrass foam, topped with a crispy pineapple wafer and a pineapple and chilli liquid sphere, accompanied by barbequed kaffir lime prawn and chilli pineapple skewers.
  • Waimea – Popping To Grandmas: The Bond Store Vodka, lemon juice, Six Barrel Soda Co raspberry and lemon syrup with a popping candy rim, accompanied by a Kāpiti KoaKoa Limoncello cheesecake with popping candy.


  • Ombra – Spice of Life: Seedlip 92 Spice non-alcoholic spirit, Six Barrel Soda grapefruit and hops syrup with a sparkling grapefruit juice foam. Accompanied with a Fix & Fogg pecan cookie.
  • Bethel Woods – No Smoke Without Fire: Six Barrel Soda ginger beer syrup with plum syrup, apple juice, sugar syrup, lime juice and smoke. Accompanied by marshmallows served with sparklers and a bonfire aroma candle to toast your marshmallows.
  • Foxglove – Bambi’s Watering Hole: Kapiti Kitchen elder flower syrup, rosemary and basil syrup, Six Barrel Soda tonic, citrus, egg white, soda with a smoldering rosemary sprig. Accompanied by a venison croquette and house-made tapenade on Shelley Bay Bakery sourdough crostinis with a balsamic drizzle.
  • Pram Beach- Quack and Be Gone: Six Barrel Soda Co raspberry and lemon syrup, fresh lemon, mint & apple juice. Poured over Otaki Candy floss. Served with Coq Au Vin candy cured duck breast on crostini with a spiced berry jam.
  • Black Sparrow – Chaste Sound & Vision: A non-alcoholic sorbet made with peach, apple, citrus and house-made Six Barrel Soda drizzle. Accompanied by herb-spiced popcorn.
  • Artisan Dining House – Pineapple Spritz: Six Barrel Soda pineapple and lemongrass spritz accompanied by a slice of pineapple
  • Chow – Slight Less Crazy Rich Asian: Inspired by the classic Singapore Sling. Six Barrel Soda cherry and pomegranate syrup-infused non-alc gin, Libertine Kapow tea syrup (kawakawa and lemongrass), fresh lime and pineapple juice. Accompanied by a popcorn, noodle and chilli, Fix & Fogg brittle and a Mahjong tile, which could win you a Chow feast…
  • Hippotamus – Forager’s Diet Tonic: Six Barrel Soda rhubarb and juniper soda water, cranberry juice and Mediterranean tonic, dressed with fresh rosemary, thyme and juniper berry. Accompanied by Wairarapa horopito and kelp-wrapped wild venison with fig, bacon and mushroom and a pink peppercorn and raspberry meringue, dressed in a juniper jus.
  • Pravda – Smoking Barrel: Mānuka-smoked Six Barrel Soda cola and cherry syrup with house-made walnut bitters. Accompanied by ‘Old Zealand’ Dutch pancakes served with maple syrup and candied walnuts.
  • Ivy Bar – Removed Pink: Strawberry tea, Six Barrel Soda strawberries ‘n’ cream syrup, Shoots shiso syrup, vinegar infused with vanilla, strawberry and lemon, garnished with rainbow belt candy (a.k.a. “gay bacon”) and a strawberry and lemon sherbet rim. Accompanied by Drunken Nanny’s sheep cheese, sherbet with Granny Smith apple and strawberry dust, crackers and a zesty chutney.
  • Crab Shack – Bangkok By Day: Six Barrel Soda, kaffir lime, pineapple and lemon grass syrup, lime and lemongrass foam, topped with a crispy pineapple wafer and a pineapple and chilli liquid sphere. Accompanied by barbequed kaffir lime prawn and chilli pineapple skewers.
  • Waimea – Grandma’s Popped Out: Six Barrel Soda Co raspberry and lemon syrup, dry cranberry juice and lemon juice with a popping candy rim. Accompanied by a Kāpiti Coast KoaKoa Limoncello cheesecake with popping candy.

Six Barrel Squad – Christchurch Edition

In June, we headed down South to say cheery ‘hello’ to some of our Christchurch friends and soda lovers.

We ran a Soda Pop-Up at the new Coffee Supreme Welles St, serving up fancy sodas, ice-cream floats, hot Spiced Blackcurrants and pikelets with jam & cream (so yum!).

We also snuck in a few visits to some of our favourite spots – including The Fermentist, SUPER Restaurant, Hawker & Roll, Ballantynes, Banter Cafe, and Sun Dog Diner. And of course had some fantastic food and drink along the way! Rude not to, right.

Pictured here are some of the amazing drinks we enjoyed along the way: (1) Hibiscus and Activated Charcoal at SUPER Restaurant, (2) Pineapple & Lemongrass soda at Hawker & Roll, (3) Orange Dandelion at Sun Dog Diner, (4) Raspberry Breeze at The Fermentist, (5) our bottled sodas at Banter Cafe, and (5) Strawberry Ginger Ale at our Coffee Supreme Pop-Up. Not a bad line-up!

We had a quick chat with Jess at Sun Dog Diner, where they use our Soda Syrups in their Jerk Sodas offerings. Jess told us it was important to them to “Find an alternative to the mass-produced sugar-filled sodas out there. We source from the best producers we can find in NZ, and hands down, Six Barrel Soda syrups are super.

We loved our South Island jaunt – keep your eyes peeled for more adventures around the country soon.

Vinci’s Pizza – 29a Hastings St, Napier

How good is pizza and soda?! A match made in heaven. So this month we’re feeling pretty excited about having our sodas at this wonderful spot – Vinci’s Pizza in Napier.

Vinci’s supplies mahoosive 18″ pizzas to Napier city, either whole or by the slice, with a focus on simple styles made with the best ingredients and care.

Yeah, we’re on the same page. As Vincent (the business’ founder and namesake) says: “We wanted to work with Six Barrel Soda, as not only are the soda’s the best around (I currently have a minor cola addiction), but their values spoke to us as a brand. The packaging is beautifully simple and the core range are true classics that don’t need to be changed, just done well – the same way we feel about pizza.”

Vinci’s are taking their time, focussing on some sweet organic growth, and have some fun plans in the pipe-line, including introducing some new soda options. Can’t wait!

vincispizza.co.nz | instagram.com/vincispizza

Black Shag Espresso and Eatery – 136 Dee Street Invercargill

Black Shag Espresso & Eatery is a newbie on the Invercargill scene, after opening in late 2018. This small but vibrant espresso bar has a focus on health conscious (and yummy!) options, covering all the bases with new salads, fruit salads and gluten-free baking options every week.

After discovering Six Barrel Soda online back in 2015, owners Dion & Sylvie visited us in Wellington as a pitstop on a road-trip to Auckland for a family Christmas, and knew straight away that if their dreams of having their own coffee shop ever came true, Six Barrel would definitely be there. As Sylvie tells us, “We loved the flavours, and the presentation and vibe of the brand. We said to each other – if we ever do open our coffee shop, we are definitely having Six Barrel Soda on the menu!”.

Sitting pretty on the shelves and served in their huge range of Six Barrel Soda drinks on the menu (including Cola Six, Ginger Ale, Raspberry & Lemon, Lime, Hibiscus, Cherry Pom, and Lemonade!) the Black Shag guys are finding that “the high quality, low sugar, boutique nature of the brand suits the Black Shag atmosphere perfectly.”

Check out Black Shag on their websiteInstagram and Facebook. Thanks for repping the South Island so well in the #sixbarrelsquad gang guys!

Te Awanga Estate Cellar Door – 376 Parkhill Rd, Te Awanga, Hawke’s Bay

Te Awanga Estate has it’s beginnings over 25 years ago, when founder Rod arrived in the Hawke’s Bay with a love of making wine and everything he owned packed into his car! Now with vineyard sites around the Hawke’s Bay, at least half their grapes are certified organic.

Their Cellar Door has views over 42 acres of vines out to the ocean, designed to invoke ‘summers at the bach’ vibes, with all day wine tasting, a grazing menu, works by local artists, and once a month summer ‘Sunday Sessions’. They even have a vineyard apartment so you can stay awhile.

Now you can take a break between the wines and enjoy our sodas alongside your platters – these guys have a lot of our drinks on the menu, including Lemon & Raspberry, Cherry & Pomegranate, Father Rabbit Cucumber and Rosemary Tonic, and Lemonade, as well as our seasonal limited edition syrups.

Kitchen Manager Loma tells us they chose Six Barrel Soda Co. for the menu largely driven by a desire to support local business: “We want to promote local, homegrown goods and services! We want kiwis drinking what other kiwis have produced!”. We agree!

Of course it helps that they love our sodas too: “We wanted some bloody good tasting sodas to complement our cellar door selection of wine and food. The ‘grown up’ flavours are a great alternative to our wines without being too sweet and sickly.”.

Their beautiful website is worth a visit too – Check it out here (and pay them a visit in real life too next time you’re heading HB way!).

Mesita Wine Bar – 14C Ohio St, Martinborough

Mesita Winebar is tucked away in a quiet little corner of Martinborough, in the Wairarapa. Mesita (Spanish for “small table”) serves local and international drinks accompanied by a Latin American inspired menu.

This cool little spot opened around a year ago, and originally chose Six Barrel Soda Co. for their menu because they didn’t click with other options available, and of course, as Alice from Mesita says: “also because it tastes amazing, comes in glass bottles and is made locally!”.

Their most popular choice? Six Barrel Soda Co. Ginger Ale, which pairs prefectly with tequila, like in their super popular Mexican Mule cocktail, along with Fresh Lime and El Espolon Tequila.

Alice tells us that she finds: “the basic sodas (Cola, Lemonade & Ginger Ale) are perfectly balanced and most importantly not too sweet to ruin a cocktail or mixed drink and all hold up deliciously on their own as non-alcoholic options.”

Next time you’re in the ‘hood, make sure you pay them a visit (and grab some Fried Chicken while you’re there!). Check Mesita out online (www.mesita.net) or on Instagram (@mesita.winebar).

The Still Room – 5 Oroua St, Eastbourne

The Still Room Eastbourne is a boutique suburban gastro-bar, showcasing favourite local products and their stories.

These guys have just this month launched their Summer Cocktail Menu, with nine specially crafted drinks featuring Six Barrel Soda Co. syrups, Seedlip, Lighthouse Gin and Reid & Reid Gin. Some favourites on the list include the Hibiscus Margarita and Dandelion Old Fashioned.

Owners Rowan & Anthony tell us: “We love Six Barrel Soda syrups because they taste great and are of great quality but also because we love that they are a Wellington brand and the flavours are complex, fun & innovative.”.

We’re pretty excited to try their new Summer Cocktail Menu, and the Still Room gang are loving using Six Barrel syrups in the mix: “Using Six Barrel Syrups we have been able to create a variety of cocktails that are fresh and delicious and are approachable to both our weekend visitors and our locals.”.

We can’t wait to come out for cocktails in the sunshine this summer!

Check out the Still Room website for more info and menus, and keep an eye out for some of their cocktail recipes we’ll be sharing over coming weeks.


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