Lychee, Coriander & Lime


This new Lychee, Coriander & Lime syrup is here for a limited time only, as our latest Experimental Release range. The coriander is subtle, but gives it a special lift. Bringing pretty unique and strangely delicious flavour, just mixed with soda water over ice is all you need, or use it as a mixer with vodka or gin. Go literal with the garnish on this one – coriander, lychee & lime works well (we used Fresh As freeze dried lychees).

Ingredients: Water, Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar, Lychees, Lime Juice, Fresh Coriander

Experimental Releases
We’re going back to our roots with a series of experimental syrup releases. They won’t always be available, they are one-off batches or limited numbers, some of them will be weird but they will always be interesting. The new range will only be available to our subscribers (more on that here) or online right here. Our subscribers will get the latest releases including all the experimental releases.

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