Platter Goals

A beautiful platter

The ‘Platter Me Pretty’ guide to perfecting the platter!

We think gathering around a lavish platter with friends and drinks is hard to beat! We have put together a few tips and tricks to help you become known as the Platter Princess/Prince.

Firstly, platters can be expensive. We would typically put 3 cheeses on one of our boards. A creamy, a hard and a blue. To save costs you can splash out on 2 of the cheese and then buy a cheaper 3rd. Our favourites are Castello white and blue, YOLO cumin gouda, Whitestone brie and YOLO Emmentaler.

To go with the cheese we would recommend having around 3 dips/spreads. Something sweet, we highly recommend the plum fruit paste from Rutherford and Meyer, it’s the best, something savoury, a basil pesto and something to dip, maybe a hummus.

Meat wise, our go to’s are prosciutto and salami (never the logs, they are bad quality and you can never slice thinly enough). One of our favourite things is prosciutto wrapped around rockmelon. You’ll instantly be transported to Italy!

Grapes and medjool dates are a must haves for a platter! We also love to use liquorice, dried fruit and Whittaker’s chocolate for a sweet element.

To jazz up your platters we would suggest honeying your walnuts! Pour a tablespoon of honey into a small frying pan, add a handful of walnuts and heat over a medium heat. Cook until golden and sticky and let cool on a piece of baking paper. Serve on top of the cheese to add height to the platter.

If you’re going all out you can make some delicious caprese sticks. For these you’ll need cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and cherry bocconcini balls. Cut the cherry tomato’s in half and layer a tomato, bocconcini ball and basil leaf on a stick and sprinkle with salt. Voila, an easy and very impressive addition! 

Another delicious thing to add is stuffed bell peppers. You can buy these pre stuffed or a more cost effective way is to stuff them yourself. The bell peppers come in a jar in the pickle aisle and we use the Kiri Greek soft cheese. Spoon the Kiri cheese into a snap lock bag, cut the end off and squirt into the middle of the peppers.

Olives are another must! We love green Sicilian olives and harissa split green olives. We prefer olives in oil to olives in brine as they are much tastier!

If they’re in season you can cut avocados in half and dust them with dukkah!

When putting the platter together we like to make it look lavish and overflowing instead of sparse. We start with the bigger, more solid items like the grapes, cheese, rockmelon and then slowly squeeze more things in. At the end we will bunch in some fresh rocket or basil leaves and some fresh berries.

Enjoy your creation! X

Thanks to Kate & the team at Platter Me Pretty for sharing their tips. Now we’re hungry.