Pink Panther – Federal Deli

Pink Panther Cocktail Pic


  • Strawberry Cream Syrup 30mL
  • Soda Water 100mL or so (from your Aarke machine or at-home sparkling water maker)
  • Gin 45mL
  • Strawberry Compote/muddled strawberries 15mL
  • Cream 15mL

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake well and pour into a tall glass over ice, garnish with strawberry slices. Recipe from Federal Delicatessen, Auckland, NZ.

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Strawberry & Cream Soda Syrup – Ltd Edition

Strawberry Cream Soda Syrup

Each season we release a Limited Edition soda syrup, to make the most of what’s plentiful. Summer brings us strawberries, so welcome back Strawberry & Cream!

This is so tasty. It tastes like a less-sweet version of the lollies and is made from lots of real strawberries, Heilala vanilla and fresh lemon juice. Each bottle makes around 15 drinks.

Watch a video of our signature Strawberry & Cream cocktail Anna Pavlova here. Keep an eye out for more Strawberry & Cream recipes coming soon!

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