Hibiscus & Tamarillo Margarita

Tamarillo & Hibiscus Margarita

Winter is Tamarillo & Lime season, I guess it’s margarita time then.


  • Hibiscus Syrup 30mL
  • Half a Tamarillo
  • Lime Juice 20mL
  • Tequila 40mL

In a mixing glass crush the tamarillo, add our Hibiscus syrup, Tequila and lime juice, add ice shake very well and garnish with a salt & hibiscus rim, or a slice of tamarillo.

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Hibiscus Soda Syrup

Hibiscus Soda Syrup

Our hibiscus is a floral plummy original number. We use organic hibiscus flowers for a deep red colour and a rich floral and stone fruit flavour. Hibiscus is a popular flavour for drinks in the Caribbean and Central America. Try it with a wedge of lime, with sparkling wine or in tequila or rum drinks.


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